Civics Education

Recognizing innovative civics education

Each year, NCSC awards the  Sandra Day O’Connor Award for the Advancement of Civics Education. This award recognizes an organization, court, program or individual who has promoted, inspired, improved or led an innovation or accomplishment in the field of civics education related to the justice system. The 2023 recipient is the Court of Appeals of Indiana.

Court of Appeals of  Indiana - Appeals on Wheels

Since 2000, the Court of Appeals of Indiana has held more than 650 traveling oral arguments across the state, including 20 sessions in early 2023. The court, which includes 15 judges who represent five Appeals Court districts, hits the road to hold proceedings in a variety of settings including schools, retirement homes,  conference centers, and more. This in-person civics education lesson provides the public with a unique opportunity to meet the judges and see, first hand, how the judiciary resolves real-world disputes based on the rule of law.