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Allison McKenzie, AIA

Allison is a Registered Architect and Senior Court Planning Consultant at the NCSC.  She is a member of the American Institute of Architects and holds a Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Arkansas, 1997.  Before joining the National Center, she worked for many years as an architect on master planning, programming, planning, and design projects of various types both nationally and internationally.

In 2017 she began working with the NCSC as a Senior Architect and court facility planner.  Allison has the unique perspective of working as an architect on courthouse projects and as a consultant to architects, the court, and county governing agencies.  Allison can provide architectural design peer reviews, conceptual and schematic design drawings, space programming, building code and zoning analyses, building assessments, and facility master planning.  She is particularly interested in helping courts, architects, and planners incorporate innovative and forward-thinking court services into their design projects.

Her projects have been featured in publications including Architectural Record, Architecture and Urbanism, and Interior Design magazines.  Most recently, Allison co-authored What Will Shape the Future of Courthouse Design?, which was published in the NCSC's Future Trends Publication.

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